Advice from an Elemental Spirit

April 11, 2017


I was staying at a Super 8 in Austin TX.

I had my palms facing up and my intention was set to get out of my body and walk through the front door. I hadn't even fallen asleep when I felt the separation occur. I wasted no time and walked straight through the hotel door. I stood on the stoop for a moment, looking at the sky and the pool. I then thought that I wanted to speak with a guide. At that thought I was instantly pulled forward with my whole body. I can describe it as an invisible hand clutching my chest or shirt and pulling me forward very fast. I wizzed by the freeway and downtown area, I could see a few others, but I was going so fast and I couldn't tell if they were people on the streets or if they too were in A.P. as well. I continued to be pulled at a great speed until I was in a wooded area. I focused on remaining calm as it seemed the branches of thick trees were going to hit my head. Of course, like a ghost, the branches went right through me no problem. I came to an abrupt stop in the woods- (yes, Texas has woods). I became a little cautious as I could see a small man, like a Gnome or Hobbit figure approach me. He must have picked upon my hesitation as he kept himself half hidden behind a tree. I got the feeling that he was respecting my boundaries by not overwhelming me with his full presence. I asked,” Are you a guide?” “Yes.” he replied. “Am I going about this correctly? Should I be a healer in this world?” He responded with an enthusiastic “Yes” and then began to walk away. “Wait. Please. Can you give me some tips on how to do that?” He turned and said very clearly, “You should focus on the newly deceased.” He turned to leave again and I stood in the woods rather confused. Ok, I don't know what that was supposed to mean. I tried to focus on transferring myself to my Grandparent's apartment in Washington. It didn't work and I was sent back into my body with the same speed that took me to the woods.


The next few days I pondered what this little man meant by his words. What good would I be to someone who has already died? It wasn't until about a week later while talking with my Buddhist friend that the meaning became clear for me.


It is now one year later, and I have yet to help transition other souls to the other side. But, I am keeping an open mind about that possible task in the future.